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Dr. Amod Kumar is the Managing Director of Sukoon Solutions Pvt.Ltd. A doctor by profession, Dr Amod is an expert in Community Medicine with a long stint as Head, Dept. of Community Health at St. Stephen’s Hospital, Delhi. Dr. Amod Kumar was the Founding Director of Mother NGO that runs a Home for the destitute. In 2009, he was entrusted with the responsibility of coordinating the government-citizen efforts to respond to the needs of homeless in Delhi. While analyzing the problems of various homeless, he came across a peculiar challenge with homeless rickshaw pullers. It was noticed that the homeless rickshaw puller cannot use the shelters as there is a constant fear of losing his rickshaw. As a result of which they sleep on the limited space of rickshaw in every possible awkward position. It led Dr. Amodkumar to think and work towards finding a solution. This was the start of a journey towards designing a cycle rickshaw that would be safe, comfortable, cost effective and eco-friendly. Several prototypes, several challenges and several years later, the market is now ready for Sukoon 5 – a dream come true for the hapless rickshaw puller.

Dr Amod on account of his rich experience in community health and grass roots based social work is a valuable member of the Advisory Councils on Community Health and Leadership Capacity Building.