About Us

Established in the year 2016, “Sukoon Solutions Private Limited” is a prominent enterprise engaged in the manufacturing of a comprehensive range of Battery Operated Loaders, Electric Rickshaws and Power Tillers & next gen e tractors. Sukoon Solutions carries a very passionate story behind its origin and purpose of existence. It all started as a response to the harsh reality of a homeless rickshaw puller. We provided him with comfortable sleeping space in the rickshaw, and this paved the way for “Sukoon”to play an essential role in providing solutions to a vast population. The company has expanded over the last few years and has specialised in Agricultural Technology, e mobility and Solar-Powered solutions.

“ Pollution of all kinds is the biggest threat to our living planet and the ecosystem. We as humans are a part of the solution wherein our products have the potential to help us develop, innovate and succeed”

Be a part of us?

@Sukoon Solutions we are actively working towards providing a premium range of products to the general audience. We are highly efficient in fulfilling orders within a given time frame, and offer the best products/ solutions at the lowest price. We are constantly in search of right partners/ stakeholders to join the drive but we partner only with those who share the same sentiment in entrepreneurship

A few of the essential parameters that makes us the prime choice our valued patrons are listed below:

  • Quality products - Designs -InnoVations - Engineering
  • Dexterous team of professionals
  • Client-centric approach
  • Empathy towards the need of the underprivileged
  • Excellent Logistic support
  • Competitive price range
  • Prompt delivery
  • Well tested services
  • Top-level RnD

Manufactured: We are “God’s own Factory”

We are tirelessly innovating to make the planet more livable for all species to coexist.

The products manufactured and commissioned by Sukoon:

  • Solar Vehicles
  • Solar/ Electric Micro Tractors
  • Solar Water Pumps
  • Tree Plantation, small farms and park maintenance equipment
  • Solar Electric Plants
  • e Weed Cutters & grass cutters
  • Solar Vending Stations
  • High Trauma (RTA) First Aid Kits


Products Marketed, commissioned and serviced by Sukoon:

  • NF’s Medical Oxygen Supply System
  • NF’s Oxygen Supply System for Aqua Industry
  • NF’s Oxygen Supply Systems for Improving the Indoor Environment

Team- Top Management